Period Glass Specialists  
Lady Bay Art Glass is a small stained glass studio specialising in repair, restoration and recreation of the designs of the Victorian , Edwardian and Inter-War years for domestic properties. Situated in an area of Nottingham where most of the houses were built between 1890 and 1940, we focus on reproducing the stained glass window and door panel designs that complement the architectural styles of those eras, with the emphasis on authenticity of design and quality of manufacture.



Full Colour Portfolio  
We have completed hundreds of commissioned works and our greatest compliment is always that viewers think the work is original. We have conducted a great deal of research into and cataloguing of original designs so that our portfolio is now quite extensive and, most importantly, relevant to the type and scale of properties in the locality. The construction methods and techniques that we employ are entirely traditional whilst embracing computer technology to refine the design process for the benefit of both ourselves and our customers.



Repairs & Restorations  
Leaded panels, especially in an opening door or window, have a finite life. The more the door gets slammed, or even heavy shutting over many years, the more the panel will flex. As the cement gets old and brittle this flexing will cause it to break down, becoming wobbly with cracks in the lead near the joints. The only recourse at this point is to strip the panel, clean all the glass and rebuild it with new lead. The result will be a panel as good as the day it was made.